Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz (2007)

78Hot FuzzAn accomplished London police officer is transferred to a small village, where he is soon faced with some mysterious deaths. From the Shaun of the Dead team, this is less the parody/homage expected, and more simply a well-calibrated combination of comedy and action. A bit overlong, and with an ill-suited hyperactive style – all fast cutting and an overdose of sound effects. But well-plotted (especially compared to most American films in the same genre) and quite amusing.

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3 Responses to Hot Fuzz

  1. Greg Mcd says:

    Agreed. I thought it would be more of a spoof as well, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it just contained that great twist of British Humor that just takes it far enough off track. The last 30 minutes were a bit hyperactive and much different from the pace of the rest of the movie, but it is forgivable. What I found I liked wasn’t geared toward the adolescent as most American parodies are. I can easily watch that again.. well you know why.

  2. Greg Mcd says:

    I thought the crazy shootout at the end was a the part that went over the top. The previous cuts didn’t bother me that much. The shootout just seem to be a little more crazed and frenetic than the rest of the movie. It didn’t ruin it, but I could have been edited down a bit.

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