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Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) Several disturbing events (chief among them seeing his parents murdered by a man in a Santa Claus costume) cause a young boy to grow up with some twisted ideas about Christmas. Slasher pic puts together … Continue reading

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craigslist scammers

I’ve been trying to unload my cell phone contract via Craigslist, and got the response below. Yeah, guy, it doesn’t look suspicious at all that you sent the same reply to nine ads. If anyone wants to prank-call or spam … Continue reading

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Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy (1950) A lifelong gun nut finds his match in a circus sharp-shooter, who proceeds to lead him astray. Half-thriller, half-film noir has an intriguing story and interesting cinematography.

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playing video games on my big-screen tv

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thing I ate

Bologna and melted cheddar cheese curds between two waffles. Made it myself!

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subway couple of the year

Not saying a word to each other the whole trip? Sunglasses on the subway? While reading a newspaper?? I felt equal measures of sorrow and amusement for these two, who look like the poster couple for yuppiedom.

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