quotes from an interview with actor Udo Kier

(full interview is here)

“Second film was the first color film for me, Mark Of The Devil, which is still available. Available. I like that word, available.”

“I was Christian von Meruh, his assistant, who falls in love with the girl with the big tits.”

“So we made the movie, and the guy who was my monster in Frankenstein turned out not to be so… I don’t know the right word. “Good” wouldn’t be the right word. No talent, maybe.”

[about Pamela Anderson] “So the first day of shooting I knocked at her trailer-which was enormous, as big as her breasts. So I knock and I hear from inside: “Hello? Come in!” So I stepped in the trailer and she was at least 25 feet away from me. So I went there and took both hands around her waist, which was like a transvestite, so small, and I said, “Wow! How amazing!” And I kissed her.”

AVC: “You’re listed on IMDb in Moscow On The Hudson as “Gay Man On Street (uncredited).” What was that all about?”
UK: “I cannot answer you, because it’s totally unknown to me what you just asked me, and also very boring.”

“Friendship to me is, if my friends need my little finger to live, I’m going to have it cut off. I’m going to the hospital, they cut off my finger, and maybe I have a gold finger instead, and I become famous.”

“The Bible is wonderful. It’s only one book, but you can put two grams of coke on top of the Bible, and you first take a line of coke and then you open the Bible. Because then you understand.”

“I expected somebody like Kubrick or Fassbinder, all dressed in black and, like Fassbinder, touching their dick all the time, and greasy hair, and an intellectual image of “I give a fuck.”

“Amazing to have sex with Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix!”

“Audition is the worst thing. It’s like cleaning furniture in a department store.”

“Marilyn Manson, Jeff Bridges, Asia Argento, Udo Kier, in a film being gangsters under the sea.”

“But, you know, intellectual people, you don’t sue. It’s like a worm getting killed on the way to the top.”

“Now they want to use the technology of flying wolves turning into people.”

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