Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

There’s something wrong with this picture.

This film begins a few months before the events of the first installment, and centres around the family of Katie’s sister. After they experience what appears to be a break-in, they install security cameras all over their home, and begin to have strange, disturbing experiences.

The movie suffers a bit from sequilitis. The dread-building methods it recycles from the first one still work, but to a lesser degree. The first film also benefited from taking place predominantly in a bedroom, a place of safety and intimacy being invaded. This one features more locations (within the home), which serves to diffuse the fear somewhat. The story is married to the first movie’s in a way that’s smart, but too neat. There is also a higher level of expository dialogue this time around.

Despite all this, it remains a scary film that got under my skin. The best scene doesn’t show us anything supernatural; it relies entirely on the reactions of a child, and is that much more effective for it.

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4 Responses to Paranormal Activity 2

  1. Greg M. says:

    I really liked this movie for what it was … Supernatural Horror. I found it nice and creepy and it had it real moments when it made me jump. The kitchen scene was unexpected to say the least. The also used at least one physical / psychological ploy on the audience to build real anxiety without anything necessarily happening on the screen. Did you notice that use of sound. Their is no music in this movie, however, they do use a deep base tone that builds when you are watching certain scenes. It a scientific fact that sounds at certain frequencies can build anxiety.. that’s what they were doing. It doesn’t make you scared, but it does put you on edge.. ready for.. something.

    I think this movie and it pre.. seq.. the first movie were smart. They use the things that we know, that we are familiar with to scare us. How many times have we heard that creek or bump and freeze.. wondering what caused it. Except in this case, there was something there. Throughout this movie they used those off scene sounds to make us reference those self same feeling of curiosity and fear. I think they beat the hell out of any supernatural film that has been made in the past decade. Scary movies have become torture porn. The SAW movie series doesn’t scare you, it makes you uncomfortable. It tough to watch, but you don’t go home and think a wooden clown face is going to get you. However, when you hear that chair move a inch in the other room.. that scares you.

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