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my kind of weather forecast


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Night Of the Lepus

Night Of the Lepus (1972) Man intervenes in the natural order of things, and as usual, pays for it, this time via a horde of killer… rabbits. Obviously I watched this hoping it would be hilariously bad. I ended up … Continue reading

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sign in front of a hospital Okay, fine, I altered it slightly.

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gay sculpture

Observed above the door of a university building. No doubt in my mind this was sculpted by a gay artist with a sense of humour.

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Seen on a food court table: No. Just no.

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Iceland’s idea of a vacation

Some guy covered in ash from that fire in the background… I’m not feeling the “vacation” aspect of this ad somehow…

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For some reason, it isn’t Jean Pierre’s nimble fingers that are the focus of this cover image…

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