Brüno (2009)

A flamboyant gay Austrian model attempts to become a star in the United States. Seeking, among other things, to expose homophobes the same way he exposed racists in Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles have the title character interact with the army, conservative politicians, middle-eastern people, religious folks out to “cure” homosexuality, and fans of cage fighting. This is a slicker film than Borat, which makes Brüno feel less like a documentary. That takes away some of its power, but there are still several funny, provocative scenes.

I watched this a second time with audio commentary, and according to the filmmakers (and I trust their integrity), almost no one in the film was in on the joke. I wish I had known this going in, because I kept wondering what was fake and what wasn’t, and it hindered my enjoyment.

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